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If you love cooking for yourselves or partner or family, you have come to the right place. Yummylah Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company formed to help spread love by teaching how to cook yummy recipes that everyone will love.
We believe cooking is more than preparing food, it’s an act of love.

My name is Haifa

I am really passionate about self-growth and personal growth. I love to share the knowledge I have about cooking authentic Indian and Asian food. I believe ‘Cooking is an Act of Love’, it gives me a sense of vision and purpose.

Let’s stay home and fight Corona together!


COVID-19 has forced us to stay home and Yummylah would like to help you during this difficult time. Download free copy of cooking guide with 1000 recipes! Stay tuned for free group cooking classes!

A Thousand Ways to Win Hearts

A thousand ways to win hearts: How to prepare yummy recipes and win your loved one’s heart?

This book has 1000 recipes and a lovely story to read.
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